World of Silence

by Planet Scott

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recorded on audiotool/garageband


released August 31, 2016

Anthony M Scott: Guitar, Bass, keyboard, loops



all rights reserved


Planet Scott New Haven, Connecticut

Planet Scott is the moniker of Anthony M. Scott. Planet Scott is a place where chords flow and riffs rain down from the sky.

INFLUENCES: The Cure,Smashing Pumpkins,Thin Lizzy,Black Sabbath,Pink Floyd,Melvins,Van Morrison,Joni Mitchell,Rush, Dinosaur Jr.,G?G!, Beatles,V.U. Megadeth,Tera Melos,Radiohead,The Who,Yes, Uriah Heep,Two Knights, SOAD.,Nick Drake,Stones,Love,Boris,Stevie Nicks,Ween ...
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Track Name: ... a World So Blue
The voyage is beginning, or has it come to an end?
My spaceship is landing, this land is here for me
Gigantic mountainous ranges stand so empty, I'm so dirty
It's time to move on, a planet so gone
I want to go somewhere blue and pretty
I've found my place, I should have never left
Is everything all right, did I enjoy the ride
All my friends have died, i should have never left them alone (back there)
I have love in my heart, but hate is much stronger
I've become so bitter, time won't tick much longer (time won't tick much longer)
Track Name: Drifting
I have no energy to muster as I sink to the ocean floor
I lay here cold underneath the water, I can only hope to wash ashore
Hallucinogenic thoughts, they drown me

Maybe there's something out there after all

Send me to eternity, I feel peace inside
The octopus kisses me, I'll take the magic mermaid ride
Multi-colored teardrops fall from my eyes
Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes snow falls from the mountaintops
Sometimes you can taste my teardrops

We'll watch the sunrise
I can see it in your eyes
Tell me in the morning

Sometimes the spaceship crashes into the sea
Sometimes God laughs at me (ha ha ha)
Sometimes I choke my chicken to feel at home
And sometimes won't you throw me a bone (throw me a bone)

I'm looking to the stars above
Can you find it in your heart to love?
Track Name: Stories Untold
I don't know where to go
The journey is so long, where will I be at the end of this song?

Time is ticking, but sometimes it stands so still
Out of hand, when it's time to kill (time to chill)

The mockingbird sings the loneliest song
Who can ever tell right from wrong?

Stories untold, stories untold
Watch them unfold (watch them unfold)
Track Name: World of Silence
(Living in a) living in a world of silence
Gravity takes my speech away
I tried to move my eyelids, so I can see the brand new day

I try to soak it in, I want to open up my mind
If you deny my savior, this is where the sun truly shines
The sun truly shines, don't go blind

Living in a wolrd of silence
Come please save us all
I see no more violence
please don't was ashore

Helplessly sinking, my cries fall on deaf ears
My voice is not working, all I have left is tears
Living in a world of silence

Living in a world so pretty
Living on top of the world
Silently dreamy, dreary
A world so cold
Living in a world of silence (silence)
Hold me, everything is so lovely
Is this a new place to call home, I've become so old
World of silence

It's time to go, it's time to go
I've grown so old, my spaceship left me here alone
It's so cold (it's so cold), my bravery's being tested
Love has made me well rested
I trust my new world, I trust my new world
I'm safe here, there's no return
I'll never learn, I'll never learn
Will I burn, will I burn
It was all worthwhile
Tell me the truth, don't tell me no lies . . .