Something to Feel

by Planet Scott

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recorded on garageband

Anthony M. Scott: guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard, harmonica on "Later Alligator"


released February 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Planet Scott New Haven, Connecticut

Planet Scott is the moniker of Anthony M. Scott. Planet Scott is a place where chords flow and riffs rain down from the sky.

INFLUENCES: The Cure,Smashing Pumpkins,Thin Lizzy,Black Sabbath,Pink Floyd,Melvins,Van Morrison,Joni Mitchell,Rush, Dinosaur Jr.,G?G!, Beatles,V.U. Megadeth,Tera Melos,Radiohead,The Who,Yes, Uriah Heep,Two Knights, SOAD.,Nick Drake,Stones,Love,Boris,Stevie Nicks,Ween ...
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Track Name: More
I know the score, can you blame me for wanting more?
Im tired and im sick, im in so much trouble it's getting thick
I'll do everything not to drown, I must smile I cannot frown
Will you help me?
It's so scary out here
But I cannot show my fear (my fear)
My doom is getting near (getting near)
And yet what's ahead of me is so clear
I'll put on my armor, you might not see me tomorrow
But i'll die doing what i have to do
I'm hardened to the core, don't think i want no more (no more)
Track Name: Nameless
Walking alone, trying to find my way back home
You don't recognize my face, because I'm not yours
The waves crash on the beach
I want to feel it
Go swimming inside your own head
I have no name, and I have no home
The waves take me away, away from the shore
Someone reaches out and says come aboard
Track Name: Later Alligator
Tired yet restless, I walk down the pier
I see a spaceship in the distance, come and take me from here
Black shadows surround me, they're all in my head
Time is ticking, but I'm glad we met

High above the sky, we've surfaced for a moment
Home at last because I've found my own planet
Track Name: Careful
Don't go too far away, be careful where you run to
There's nothing out there of interest (except you)
Helpless, the sky is falling
I'm looking at who you are
The waves come crashing in, the sunrays come up from the sea
Danger is lurking, you can't let yourself bleed
Be careful, or else you'll drown
Track Name: Rising
I'm a beautiful guy, we live in the sky
I enjoy vanilla ice cream with apple pie
My style is buckwild
I'm as strong as the black dude from the Green Mile

You have so many questions that I don't have the answers to
I won't apologize, i wont sit in the pew
New Haven is the town I reside in
My heyday has come, Tony for the win
Track Name: Voices
I don't know where I am, the voices in my head tell me to leave
So far to travel, but i can hardly breathe

I hate you, but I don't know why (I wanna fly)

Patience is a virtue, but I have none
I never faced my problems, now there's nowhere to run
Silence grips me, the voices went away
My destination is cloudy, but i cannot stay

I'm hellbent on finding peace
But I'll never let my outer walls be breached
Starry skies put a twinkle in my eyes again
I miss the days when I could pretend
Track Name: C-Sirpent
Down here i sit and watch the daybreak
I'd love to drift away for now
When i return, I'll see the difference a trip makes
I want to fall asleep somehow

I yearn for silence, but i talk to myself
Tiny creatures on my eyelids, caterpillars in my mouth

The waterfall flows into the rainbow lake
But be wary, avoid the sea snake
I am safe, drifting into nowhere

The master plan is working, but i hate it as well
Just ? something higher, and you'll feel just fiune
Listen toi what i tell you, desolation grows
Track Name: Far Away
I am so far away, i can see so clearly
I hate where i came from, and yet i miss it so dearly
This is my paradise, the air it smells so nice

Can you bring me to where i need to go?
So far away from home

I am an extraterrestrial from foreign land, I walk on the hot sand

I'm crying because I'm lonely
Save me, what have i done?
I stare at the sun

I don't like it here (oh no)
Bring me back, please don't attack